What’s happening

Another Review and some apologies!

Another pretty nice Review is online at the-pit.de. It seems like, we messed up the additional Info CD in our promo package. Millions of apologies from us! We don’t know how that could happen.

To fix that, we added a new category on the website: DOWNLOADS. There you can find the right Press-Kit for download. Probably quicker than pushing an unwieldy CD into the computer which get lost anyway 😀

Review-Link: http://www.the-pit.de/cd-review/article/the-black-passage-the-black-passage/


And the second Review follows!

It’s another Review of our EP “The Black Passage” out there. The Dudes of metal.de took a short time to listen to our new Demo and wrote some nice words about that. Go and read it, as long as you can understand German 😉 . Maybe some online translator  will bridge the language barrier.

Review-Link: http://www.metal.de/modern-metal/review/the-black-passage/50522-the-black-passage/


First Review of our EP

There is the first Review of our 3-Track EP out on IAMHAVOC. Ok, we will work on our online press-kit… promise 😀

Review-Link: http://iamhavoc.de/2012/06/the-black-passage-the-black-passage/


Flint’s CD Release

Flint is having a Party!! They’re releasing their new Album “Time to be Hysteric” and we gonna hit the stage with them!

It’s only 4 bugs, so come and party with us!!

Facebook Event

Battle of the Bands

Thanks to the Phoenix Crew and the Café Central Weinheim for this awesome Event! We had a lot of fun though we didn’t have enough folks voted for us. Anyways, we wish good Luck for Sickn’D and God Delusion. Check out these Dudes!!

Battle of the Bands

Check out the Dates! We have the opportunaty to play at the Phoenix Festival. We were chosen out of 150 bands to play at a battle with other great bands for a slot on that festival.

So, come to Weinheim and give us your vote!!

EP! EP! EP! 

Our second EP has arrived! We are very exited about that and you can order your copy for only 3 €!! Just fill out the contact form!